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Light weight enclosed motorcycle trailer??

A little off topic, and I haven't read the whole thread (I peek in from time to time), but is there such a thing?

One of the AWD SUVs I am considering can only tow 1500 pounds with a tongue weight of 150 pounds. My dirt bikes won't fit inside the SUV, and a hitch carrier with bike(s) will weigh a lot more than 150 pounds, so I would need a trailer.

Open trailers are okay, but I would prefer an enclosed one to keep the bikes out of the public eye (one is expensive, the other kind of rare) so no one is tempted.

I was wondering if there was such a thing as a trailer that would weigh in well under 1500 pounds (with two dirt bikes that total 500 pounds) and was enclosed in some fashion. It doesn't have to be a a Wells Cargo type enclosure, just something that encloses the bikes - probably a plastic shell of some sort.

I saw this, which is the closest thing I came across:

Even though it says it is a one bike trailer, I bet I could get both my bikes in there.
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