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Originally Posted by cdwise View Post
You are comparing a 125cc Lance to a Vespa GTS 300. Not the same class of scooter there at all. My GTS is quite comfortable on the freeway and for long distance touring of 300+ miles per day at 70mph if you choose. Our Buddy 125 or the Vespa ET 4 150 we used to own are good urban scoots but not the best for touring nor are they good on the freeway.

FWIW, I'd have no interest in purchasing a Lance Cali for "vintage style". I'll take our Buddy 125 over it any day of the week. Completely reliable and has stood up to one teenage boy who rode it daily to school and his younger brother will be doing the same starting next fall. I bought the Buddy as my first scoot because I wanted vintage styling and a reliable scooter at a fair price. I've been happy with it for the last 6 years even though I rarely ride it. I never even considered a Lance, okay at that time they were all made on the mainland and were not using Sym engines but its reputation was not good. I'm still reserving judgment on the Cali.

BTW, if a salesman approached me with the attitude that my preferred scooter was "overpriced" and tried to tell me I'd be better off with a knock off I'd walk out the door and not come back. Bashing others is never a good marketing plan since scooter groups share their opinion of various dealers between themselves and can be quite vocal about it.

He's actually doing what salespeople do; making a biased case for their product. He will appeal to people wanting an inexpensive way into scooters in general for any number of reasons. I've heard Vespa salespersons bash other, lower priced scooters time and time again, so its a two-way street.

The Vespas are typically a move-up scooter for people who have had a taste of scooter riding and their tastes have evolved. I don't get the impression his business will focus on those as he will be catering to first time scooterists and there's nothing wrong with that. With any luck he'll grow a new fresh batch of scooterists and enthusiasts in Naperville, and that would ultimately be beneficial to Vespa as those scooterists evolve and start demanding the "next level" of scooters.
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