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Laugh Old Red Turbo Beater update

Yeah, that turbo looks like hell, but I cross my fingers and hope I can salvage it..the wheel turns OK but the seals must be shot by now. I cant tell until I get it off the exhaust and just look at those two weird deep allen bolts that are rusted to the flange...I'm hoping I can get them off without drilling them out.....I started cleaning the exhaust pipes and mufflers but its been so cold here the high temp paint won't aerosolize fine enough and flow onto the surface properly. Comes out like the worse orange peel surface ever I will just plod through the wiring harness and clean and check all lines and connections in the meantime until things heat up. I have to do fiberglass repairs on the bottom cowling and a zillion other little things to make some progress but I'll get there eventually. Here's a shot of the turbo that goes on the old 80s Dodge /Mitsubishi Colt. I wonder if it will squeeze into the Seca turbo location if I need it? Got a superb machinist/welder buddy to help me when I get stumped or need to weld or fabricate things... I'll plod ahead to the bitter end!! ALBATROSS!! A nod's as good as a wink to a blind horse! ALBATROSS!!
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