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Originally Posted by scootrboi View Post
I have a 1984 125 Elite, which is a similar scooter. I bought it new in 1984 and gave it to my wife when I got my old scooter 'up to standards.' The 125 only has 11,000 miles on it, mostly from the 1980s. It has been an almost trouble free scooter. The final drive gave out at around 7000 miles because I didn't know it had one. We stored it for 17 years and I had to clean out the tank and do other things to the fuel system to get it going. But it runs perfectly now. I don't think I would have persevered the way you have, I find the Honda hard to work with, but it is a rugged scooter with lots of pep, and gets excellent fuel economy. Sometimes over 100 mpg. With your attitude (positive and determined) you will probably be well rewarded for your efforts. The Elite is a good design with no nasty quirks. Do what you can to keep the exhaust studs from seizing, a broken stud precipitated the worst episode in that scooter's history.
It's always so cool to hear of people having their own unique experiences with the same model vehicles I own! Thanks for the tips and info.

Originally Posted by Wentwest View Post
The 87 150 is maybe the best all around scooter I've ever had. It has 2 weak spots that I have run into that can cause strange problems.

The CDI develops some kind of problem internally and can cause sudden shut downs that will just stop the engine with no warning at all. A couple of minutes later it starts right up and runs fine. Everything will check out perfect, it will run great and then it will stall. If that starts to happen, buy a new CDI. Lots of people say get only a Honda part, but remember that they are all 25 years old and they all can break the same way. There are loads of Chinese reproductions all over the internet for $10 to $20, and they work. If you don't trust them, buy 2.

The other thing is the bystarter that helps with cold starts. If it fails it mostly still starts easy when it is cold, but it's hard to start warm, and gas mileage goes down and your top speed drops. There's a ton of info at In the tech tips there is an article about bystarters. Also you can search through the CH250 group on Yahoo. Mechanically these 2 machines are almost identical, just a bigger displacement engine.

Great machine anyway.
I've read a lot about both issues, and have even considered buying a spare of each, but knock on wood, mine seems to be fine at the moment, and I'm honestly not sure how long I'll own the scooter, anyway. I am yearning big time to get back on the track, and to do some long, fast road trips. I love wrenching, but given my current situation, I can't afford to keep the scooter and buy a sportbike, too. In the meantime though, I am enjoying the hell out of the thing!

Originally Posted by cbolling View Post
Pretty cool. You do good work.
Thank you, sir. I'm a bit of a home brew type of mechanic, but I strive to be thorough.
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