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Originally Posted by DougZ73 View Post
Would there be any kind of line tension issues I might have to deal with??( in other words, would I mess up any of the shifter settings by taking that line on and off for storage?)
The PITA factor alone would have me recommending that you don't do that.

Its easy to do if you want to: for the rear der, shift to the small cog (physical size) and with the shifter in that position push the derailleur back to the big cog. (physical size) That's gonna give you enough room to get the housing out of the stops.

The worst you're gonna do is get the ferrules not seated exactly where they were. That may/may not be a problem when you start riding again: der into the spokes or off the end of the cassette on the small end if the limit screws weren't set right, or shifting problems. The der off either side of the cassette can be catastrophic. AMHIK

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