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UPDATE: Original post rewritten and restored

Originally Posted by claude View Post
I guess from what I have read that this thread is not meant to express other ideas for multiple wheel drive systems...or am I wrong? I have some ideas that will work but maybe this is the wrong place to throw them out there as it would add to the confusion? To me brain storming is a good thing but when someone want to hold all th emarbles then it can get to be no fun anymore.
No, Claude, that isn't the case at all. The point in the original post was to present a particular system that folks might use in their builds, one which hasn't been shown elsewhere because I designed it myself. I posted it to share it.

As I've mentioned before here, it wasn't a thread like 'Let's look at all possible ways to build 2WD for a Hack!' or 'Hey, everybody post their own ideas for 2WD for hacks' and neither was it a thread, 'Show huge pics of motorcycles you'd love to put a sidecar on!'

It's a thread about a particular design, so it was expected that replies would be questions and comments on that design which is the topic. I'm quite sure that's the normal way that threads are intended to grow in internet forums, based on thread topic and not straying from topic, that's standard internet protocol in any thread in any forum.

I rewrote and re-posted the original post yesterday to try and make it more understandable for others.

I don't know if I'll be back into this thread much more as it became too challenging and wasn't the best thing for my emotions and peace in the valley. We all know what a mess it deteriorated into. If the rewritten design description helps others, fine, that's the intent. Same intent I had in the first place, to help others.

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