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Originally Posted by CodeMonkee View Post
A little off topic, and I haven't read the whole thread (I peek in from time to time), but is there such a thing?

One of the AWD SUVs I am considering can only tow 1500 pounds with a tongue weight of 150 pounds. My dirt bikes won't fit inside the SUV, and a hitch carrier with bike(s) will weigh a lot more than 150 pounds, so I would need a trailer./
Check the UK and Australian sites for the same vehicle.

For example, the Outback 3.0R [6 cylinder] Outback we have is rated for 3500 lbs in the US, but the same vehicle was rated for 2,000 KG in Australia and Europe - more like 4,400 lbs. My WRX is not officially rated for towing in the US, but in Australia it's rated for 1,200kg (2,640) with trailer brakes or 650kg (1,430lbs) without trailer brakes.
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