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Howdy YOUNZ,

Before I was declared unemployable by the VA, I earned my daily bread as a Machinist, Welder, Metal Fabricator. I am very well versed in the metal working trades, I am down right DANGEROUS when I attempt to be an electrician, deal with computers or right now trying to figure out my very first cell phone, an iPhone5.

As to education, K-12, two year VoTech, many years as an apprentice in the metal trades before becoming a Journeyman Machinist and Certified welder, in an effort to keep me employed the VA sent me to collage where I received a Degree in Manufacturing Technology two weeks before their decision to take me out of the work force.

I know what I am doing, just can't function in a normal work setting any more, my memory is completely shot, I can be doing something that I have done for years and my mind will go completely blank and its like I have no idea of what the heck is going on. I can't concentrate, I don't deal well with others so being gainfully employed is something I haven't been able to do for years. I can work at my own pace, walk away when I need to, but its getting harder all the time.
Thank you for your candor, I know of what you speak.
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