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Originally Posted by Ed@Ford View Post
Rimlocks are based on rim WIDTH....look on the bead of the rim....on the front you'll either have 1.6 or 1.85 somewhere...on the rear I think it'll have a 2.15 somewhere.....and of course there should be a hole with a little rubber nipple in each rim generally about opposite the valve stem.....if have to drill a hole in the rim....AND it's a good idea to re-balance the assembly after installing it because at 60 or so you'll feel the out-of-balance....or the easier way i use is to get a roll of solid core'll need at least 4 ounces...weigh each rim lock + nut, then calculate the LENGTH of solder that will give you the correct weight = each lock...then wrap that solder around 1 or more spokes, with a little electrical or duct tape over the top....or buy fancier wheel weights at Harbor Freight, Aerostich, or maybe motion pro.

Yeah..right...what Lost Rider said!! But rim locks are a help if you run LOW pressures off road like 10 to 15 psi...and of course are a BIG help if you get a flat and have to limp out of the woods...sloooowly!
Perfect, I did not know where to find the rim width, thanks.
Nor did I know one needed to re-balance the wheel, guess it makes sense, but no one said I had an over abundance of that.
Thanks again, I really appreciate it!
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