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Originally Posted by sion View Post
so, instead of calling the rocks at Perry babyheads, we should call them Carries?
ohhh, I'd be so flattered.

Originally Posted by mgorman View Post
Aren't most rocks bigger than you?
I know the ones I was riding on weighed more than I did because they didn't budge when I wrecked into them.....

Speaking of wrecking, you guys will get a kick out of this - I made a grand entrance Sunday in meeting new Texas ADVers. I came charging up a huge hill, breached the top and Zach was stopped right there. I attempted to stop next to him, but alas, the ground was further than I expected and I fell into him. Across the trail were 3 dudes. Laughing. Zach recognized the one guy's bike from a TX thread.

Fabulous way to make an entrance, GCMK style. The one guy remarked "You charged up that huge hill but can't stop?"

Yep. If it requires me getting my feet down, I'm a mess. Good motivation to stay up on the pegs.
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