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A riding aquantance of mine rode from Michigan to Florida Keys to Alaska. He wore a Neotech the entire trip. He said
he encountered almost all the weather you can experience, except ice, he said the Neotech worked flawless the entire
trip. His recommendation was the strongest recommendation I could have heard. Bought two one for me and the wife unit.

A couple of days ago I had the opportunity to test the Neotech. I was on a PGR mission and left my home at 5:45 am. 34 degrees F, dark, foggy. I had inserted the anti-fog pinlock the night before. I had experienced fogging the day before and it was annoying to have to open the shield to clear the fogging. I tried all combinations of venting using the chin vent, the top of head vents to get rid of the fog, nothing worked. Wow what a positive difference the pinlock made. Virtually no fogging. I did get a little fogging in the far right side of the shield, but it did not interfere with my vision. My head stayed warm and dry the entire day. The fit is great. Is the helmet a premium price? Yes. My head is also a premium head, in my opinion
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