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Originally Posted by Bun-bun View Post
Here's one for the books, my 2004 Buick Rendezvous transmission speed sensor failed, causing the transmission computer to perform hard shifts, which broke the transmission output ring gear, which chipped the planetary gear assembly, and the sun gear on the transfer case. Because of a failed $20 sensor, I now need a new transmission computer, transmission, and transfer case.
Oh, and all of you with GM AWD cars from the early oughts remember: Your rear diff fluid needs to be changed every 50k miles. It take 2 quarts. GM sells the diff fluid at their dealers for $50 per quart. sells it for half of that, but that is still felony robbery for a quart of fluid that won't get you drunk.

Hmm. Maybe that explains why BMW buys their X3 transmissions from GM.
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