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Spot on!

Originally Posted by flyingz06 View Post
You nailed it there doc! Again, you get what you pay for. It's sad these people travel across the boarder for work. Let along shoddy work, how about the risk of hepatitis or HIV? They have no recourse should they come down with a disease! We have to test our sterilizers every week. What is Mexico's rules?

The periodontal disease is a huge concern this gentleman should have! His extra weight he is carrying, plus the perio disease is a candidate for heart attack. Please as the doc advised, have it checked out. We don't want anything to happen to a fellow adv rider!
Unsterile working conditions are frightening! My house is spotlessly clean but it certainly isn't fit for operating on someone. Just as I am sure this office was clean - but was it clean enough for operating on someone? I bet not! Sterilization? Who knows? Hermetically sealed bags as he claimed? I'd like to find those...
Heart disease, dementia, pancreatic cancer, retinopathy, kidney disease to name a few - all are linked in varying degrees to periodontal disease.
To each his own. But, yeah - we are all part of a fantastic sport and if we can help each other along the way we should do just that!
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