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Thanks, advdave. I just arrived in Colombia after my passage on the S/V Independence. On a side note, Cartagena is rad.

In any event, I think I may have figured out a solution--well, hopefully. I am flying back to Belize to meet my wife for Christmas, as given that my original plan entailed me riding back through Belize to meet her (and then ride with her up to Cancun for her flight home), I now must fly back to Belize from Cartagena (tomorrow). My wife and I are still planning on working our way up to Cancun for her flight out on January 3rd, so I'm going to bring my TVIP along and see if I can't sweet talk the Banjercito folks to cancel my TVIP for me--even though the bike will be in Colombia. As proof that I still own the bike and did not sell it in Mexico, I am going to show them all of my Central American and Colombia aduana paperwork, which hopefully will be enough to prove to them that I took the bike out of Mexico.

However, in the event that this does not work (which I am having a hard time believing that it won't), I will fall back to the route you have proposed, which also appears reasonable.

At the end of the day, I have until April 3, 2013 to solve this problem, which even if I have to go the courier route shouldn't be a problem.

Thanks again for your help...I'll update everyone on how things turn out.

Originally Posted by Advdave View Post
I cancelled my tvip by returning it to the banjercito office. Email them, a fellow named Gerd has been most helpful. He had me return the permit dhl, when it arrived at banjercito he emailed me when the permit was cancelled and refund issued.
A buddy did the same when his bike broke and he swapped bikes, cancelled one tvip and got another. one has to be cancelled before another can be issued to the same person.

you have to return it before the effective date. if the date of entry into Mexico on the tvip has passed, might be a different story. in any event banjercito folks were very helpful.

good luck.
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