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Originally Posted by JamesG View Post
^^^ The fix is to stay off the Interstate.
When I was moving from NE to IA, one trip had my Tracker laden with possessions (as laden as a Tracker can be anyway) when we started hitting some freezing rain about half an hour out from Iowa City. Traffic kept slowing down, slowing down, slowing down, until we were going about 35mph on I-80.

I can't remember exactly what I did, but I either let off the throttle slightly or just barely tapped the brake when the rear end broke loose. The thing started fishtailing, then whipped me around 180 degrees to face the oncoming semis, then whipped me back the other way again and parked the rear end in the snow bank in the median. Completely fucking horrifying.

My advice - these things with 4wd can scoot pretty well in the snow. However, mine without ABS, couldn't stop for shit. Any time you would get on the brakes when on ice or hardpack snow and damn thing would start fishtailing. Give yourself lots of room to stop this winter.

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