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Originally Posted by yokesman View Post
so only american high dollar dentists can do it right?

Same way with a variety of medical procedures. I have been on a mailing list of ex-pats in Mazatlan of which at least two own or lease private jets. And they regularly talk about the fine and inexpensive medical work they have done in Mexico although many make the trip to Acapulco for some procedures, like open heart surgery.

Also, I well remember a Canadian that I met who was bragging about the open heart surgery that he had done in Mexico. His health care plan paid for it and they were happy to give him a vacation because the cost was a fraction of what it was in Canada.

Of all the people that I have talked to over the years I have NEVER heard of anyone saying they got an infection from a Mexican dentist or MD. Yet we all know that infections are rampant in USA hospitals.

For that matter I had a bridge put in by a Mexican dentist. I started out thinking that I had broken a crown but it turned out that the underlying tooth had cracked. When they dug that out the dentist discovered that my canine tooth was badly infected so they gave me antibiotics, drained it, and sent me home for almost a week. **I HAD BEEN COMPLAINING TO MY US DENTISTS FOR OVER THREE DECADES THAT MY TOOTH AND SINUSES WERE INFECTED BECAUSE THAT SIDE WOULD OFTEN SWELL BUT THEY IGNORED MY CONCERNS.**

So the clown here that commented that you "don't get dental advice from a mechanic" is a bit of a jerk. My professional background and edumacational level is hardly that of a mechanic (not like there is anything wrong with that) and I have seen my share of snotty dentists. Because the US dentists are not bothering to listen to the clients many are going elsewhere for their dental work.

Anyway, I have had my bridge for several years and am perfectly happy with the work.
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