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Originally Posted by PirateJohn View Post
You guys are sad. I had at least 3 US dentists misdiagnose or improperly treat that same tooth. The problem started in college (I am 56 now) and the Mexican dentist was the first one that seems to have finally gotten to the root (pardon the pun) of the problem.

Recourse? What recourse does anyone have against a US dentist a decade after they repair something? Go back and sue them if you can find the?

Go back to riding. I am sure that sooner or later someone will spin things to say that Australian dentistry sucks too.

Frankly, I don't trust any of you bastards. I've been hustled by US dentists more than I have by Mexican dentists and am perfectly happy with the work that I had done 3 years or so after it was done.
Actually, I believe Australian dentistry to be every bit as good as it is in the USA, and Germany, and Austria, and Switzerland, etc.

Please don't refer to us as "bastards". No one insulted you. No one called you names.

So the American dentists got you about 35 years out of that tooth/teeth? What else can you buy that lasts 35 years? What else can you put in a 98.7 degree bacteria infested swamp (everyone's mouth) and have it last for 35 years?
Let's see what your Mexican dentistry looks like in 35 years.

Please continue to do what you do. To each his own. You may want to consider though that there could be some folks that may have some knowledge that could be useful.

Good luck and safe riding!
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