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Originally Posted by gr8grins View Post
No sir, I am not an idiot. I am a doctor.
I did not diagnose anything. If you would kindly re-read my post you would see that I said it "...appears..." And I suggested you see someone about it, hopefully I am wrong. Please don't just assume I am wrong because your ego wants that. It would be in your best interest to have a thorough periodontal evaluation by a doctor. When was the last time you had that done? Not just a cleaning. Please, PROVE me wrong. There is no dishonest or concentrated effort to drum up business occurring at all.
My intent is simply to state my experience fixing foreign dentistry and to hopefully help you enjoy a healthy life.
Who is the "they" that say it's getting harder to make a living being a dentist?
Have you verified any of those US licenses held by most of the dentists there?
Please forgive me if I offended you. I was only trying to help.

I did have a thorough examination by a qualified dentist. She said that I was fine.

I just had a DOT physical done. My blood pressure is slightly high. US MD treats that. Otherwise for an olde pharte I am in fine condition. I have NEVER had a dentist say anything about periodontal disease. What several dentists have commented on is that 1) I had *VERY* expensive dental work done when I was a kid and 2) I was a tetracycline baby.

Do you want to explain to the audience here what that last one means in terms of dental care and how the US medical profession screwed up?
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