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Originally Posted by gr8grins View Post

So the American dentists got you about 35 years out of that tooth/teeth? What else can you buy that lasts 35 years? What else can you put in a 98.7 degree bacteria infested swamp (everyone's mouth) and have it last for 35 years?
Let's see what your Mexican dentistry looks like in 35 years.


First of all, that canine has been a nightmare. I didn't get 35 years out of it from a US dentist. I complained in college that I must have a piece of dental floss trapped behind it (you guys still expect us Non Dentists to floss, right? ) and that it was infected. The dentist at my college immediately dismissed my concerns and sent me on the way.

Over the years it was filled once and then capped by a Manhattan (read: "fawking expensive") dentist. Then when the tooth cracked (watch those lime seeds when sipping tequila, guys! ) I had it and the surrounding teeth pulled and the bridge put in.

So that's actually an average of a significant dental operation every 8 years or so. And misdiagnosed a couple of times. Or perhaps I should say that it was profoundly infected when they put the crown in. The Mexican dentist seems to be the one that got that nonsense under control.

So at age 56 if I get another 35 years out of my bridge I will make a point to ride over and beat on your tombstone with my cane, Doc.
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