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Exactly. The only problem with the dry ones is that they are also the hot ones-think July and August. As far as being a hazard is concerned I'm not sure how the ACES series draws rows but I can't imagine they would let sportsmen start on an early row. Usually most of the really fast guys are on the first twenty rows or so. Remember its up to the faster riders to pass you. You don't want to hold them up, but you shouldnt have to lose your rythym to let them around either. Of course there will be a few loudmouthed jerks out there. The biggest issue I had with enduros is all of them are pretty far away and they start early Sunday morning. Hence you have to drive Saturday afternoon and stay overnight. Not like loading up Sunday morning and going to a local hare scramble. Some of the ECEA races in PA are actually a shorter drive than the southern OH events.
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