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Originally Posted by Aventeren View Post
My wife and I are still planning on working our way up to Cancun for her flight out on January 3rd, so I'm going to bring my TVIP along and see if I can't sweet talk the Banjercito folks to cancel my TVIP for me--even though the bike will be in Colombia.

As proof that I still own the bike and did not sell it in Mexico, I am going to show them all of my Central American and Colombia aduana paperwork, which hopefully will be enough to prove to them that I took the bike out of Mexico.

However, in the event that this does not work (which I am having a hard time believing that it won't), I will fall back to the route you have proposed, which also appears reasonable.
Good luck with this. I do not think you will be successful. Once the valid period of the TVIP begins, to effect a cancellation, both you and the bike need to be present before the aduana official.

A typical official, spying your other aforementioned CA and Colombia aduana paperwork, might reasonably surmise you traveled that far with your bike. The big "however" inserted here is the fact that there is zero proof you didn't return to Mexico and dump the bike. I know you didn't, you know you didn't, but as an aduana official, he can't assume you didn't, no matter how good your story. Further, and probably most importantly, it isn't his job to turn into Judge Judy and listen to this tale and study your evidence, and come to some roadside judgement and render a verdict.

On an unusually lucky day for you, if the stars align, you just might be able to get the official to acquiesce to your request, as they say. But if I had to bet my own money, I'd bet against you. You will be swimming upstream against the current, by which I mean, you will be attempting to skirt the established TVIP process, which is eyes on you, the bike, and the bonding document itself - all at the same time.

I hope I lose and you win this bet.
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