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Drone wrote:
>>But for the nasty, rocky, rutty, potholed, washboarded dirt and gravel roads that attract me like blowflies to a salmon carcass, I don't want those bumps and knocks transferred from one wheel to the other. The way I ride, I try to straddle the worst of the stuff, but that's often impossible, so I let the sidecar wheel take the abuse, while I try to find a line that will leave the bike suspension remains relatively unperturbed.<<

Yes under conditions that are really Gnarly a swaybar is not the best idea.

However, on most roads, dirt or paved as well as many places most folks go they can still make a world of difference. How much they transfer suspension movement is directly related to how much effective spring rate is stored within the swaybar and how it is transmited side to side. A bar that is so stiff that it would not twist would be awful. A bar that is too light will do little.

If th egouing is really rough and one wants to regain ALL of the indep[endant qualities suspension wiseit is easy to deactivate the swaybar. in our system itrequires the removal of one bolt in most cases. Hannigan has a quick disconnect in which you pull a pin. Not a big deal. In fact we and Hannigan feel that on the high center of gravity type adventure bikes a swaybar is actually a good safety device. They come into their own on turns away from th esidecar if you are an agressive rider.

Yes, you can flip the bike over the sidecar. Been there done that and it really isn't good for th eol fun meter. The use of a swaybar helps the stability a ton in most cases when turning away from the sidecar.

Those who know me know that I love to ride on dirt roads and such. I do a fair amount of true off road riding but not all that much. In most cases the swaybar is still okay hooked up. Short of mini rock crawling it does fine and is a huge asset.

We have had a few of our outfits out doing world tours with I think three are out there now. All have swaybars. All have been shown how to disconnect them and as far as I know none have so far.
I would love to ride with some of you guys who post here a lot some day and see how things go.
Everything is a compromise. Where that compromise, suspension wise, is met will means different things to different people.

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