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LMAO dude that portrait is legendary!!!! get it printed at and make sure to get the chrome/metallic paper and largest size the format will handle it will come out bad ass! Glad to see you're still on the road and that klr is hanging on. not to mention stoked for your AU visa!!! I'm crossing over sometime after the second week of january. I'm currently in the sequoia national forest working my way through rain and snow up to the red woods. Rain in cali is a joke compared to the east coast! i keep waiting for the sky to come down but it just drizzles all day haha. and as sad as it is i've grown accustomed to the cold, though i can't wait to break out my surf trunks. When do you think you'll be in LA? i'm heading back down the coast after i get to the red woods and am planning on being there from the 5th or 6th on for up to two weeks. Met lots of kick ass advers in the area and got offered a shop to prep the KLR for south america so i'm taking full advantage. Maybe we can meet up? you're brother is in LA? keep it up bro. without you and this RR i wouldn't be where i am!

It's just a ride...

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