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I have been wearing a Neotech now for about two months. I spoke to Shoei NA before buying the helmet about the design air leakage on the top vent, and I was told that all neos for colder climates have a 100% closable top vent with a build-date of after April 2012. My helmet does not leak air.

This is my first pinlock experience, and it rocks. Rain, 36F, no fogging! We'll see how it does in the twenties next month, I suppose. As a previous poster mentioned, sometimes the pinlock can leak a little if the faceshield gets torqued. Not sure what I will do if that happens while riding. Easy enough to fix at home.

I had some initial comfort issues with my Neo in regards to the top of my ears. As the helmet has broken in, I have noticed that it rotated ever so slightly forward on my skull, completely freeing up my ears. Overall now, I am very happy with my Neo as my bad weather helmet.
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