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I like to set goals to measure progress and push myself out of my comfort zone. I've been looking at and I'm considering entering an Enduro next year in the Sportsman class. I was wondering if any of them are noticeably easier then the rest (or which ones are a bitch). I'm not looking to be competitive, I just want to finish without being a hazard to myself or other riders.

I would start with the dryer ones first. As for the fast guys get out of their way when they run you down they will give you a little yell to let you know they are there and are faster then you. If you can't get over at that moment throw,your arm up so they know you are trying to get out of their way. They will usually thank you as they fly by. If you refuse to give in and try to race them you are free game. I have never had any bad experiences in a race. Just remember those guys mean business their sponsorships depend on how they place. I don't know if you have tried any of the dual sports events but they run most of the same trail at a more relaxed pace.
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