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Finally pulled the valves out. Had to buy a cheapo overhead valve spring compressor at Sears, which promptly broke as soon as I started trying to use it...Worked out in the end though, and I didn't break anything, yay! Had a hell of a time with the intake valve, as the collet halves were totally, utterly stuck, forcing me to jig everything upside down to tap the valve face itself to loosen the jammed collet halves. No macro lens for my camera, but the collets had somehow managed to actually put 4 tiny, tiny dents in the valve stem, which prevented me from sliding the valve out. Had to use a small file to carefully deburr those dents before I could extract the valve. Madness! I guess it's a good sign that the .002" clearances in there are tight as ever.

Sorry I didn't take any before pics of the valves, but suffice it to say that the exhaust valve had a ton of crud and crap on it. Intake looked ok. I polished up the dome on the cylinder head, and took to toothbrushing out the exhaust port after smoothing it some with a red 3M pad. Everything is within spec measurements, thankfully, so I guess tomorrow I'll do a quick solvent wash and stick the valves and springs back in. In the meantime I used a cotton swap to coat the stem seals, valve guides, and valves in new oil to inhibit any overnight corrosion.

In that last shot, intake is on the left, much cleaner. Exhaust still looks dirty, but I cleaned it as best I could without damaging the valve face.
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