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I'm loving the added protection from the lowers, batwing and heated grips. Went for a short ride yesterday and I was very comfy in the 40 something degree weather, Gerbing jacket didn't hurt. Feel sorry for you guys who are rdiing in real cold weather, but I feel your pain rode for six years in NY year-round. BTW the bugs and debris suck on the batwing I was much more casual with the clear windshield on the Road King, won't just take a wet rag and clean that pretty painted batwing. I'm a little OCD to say the least, guess it helped when I traded in the RK; it was clean really clean. Thinking I need to head West or South this week for a road trip. A little over four weeks rode 2000 miles and I planning road trips everyday, did 62k miles in less than 4 years on the RK: that might be a goal. Enjoying the posts, ride safe everyone!
In 2009 I rode 18,589 miles on an island that's 72 miles long. That's 50 miles a day everyday for 365 days. I think I'll go home now. 97k miles and still riding my YouTube Channel
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