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Originally Posted by George 99 View Post
Came across a reference to a Brazilian Honda, XRE300. While reading that came across another reference to the Honda Nx 400 Falcon. Never had heard of either of these models. Anyhoo, this thread on Horizons Unlimited has some info, and the note toward the bottom about the India Royal Infield just cracked me up.

Sure wish we could get access to more of these models. The Nx 400 is sold in Costa Rica as well as other South American countries.
I used to own one, the Falcon is just an XR400 with e-start, cushdrive and ugly plastics. They also changed the airfilter so it sucks in shitloads of dust causing your carburettor to malfunction on a regular basis if you ride in dirt. The WR250R/X will do everything the Falcon and also do it much much faster with less service intervals. Also the XRE300 has a shit rep from the Brazilians I've spoken to, full of engineering faults.
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