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Question Riding at altitude

I'm currently riding at around 2500-3000m and have noticed the lack of power (even worse when running high octane fuel) and I was wondered if anyone has tried any quick fixes to make it run better without messing around with re-jetting?

Another guy on a KLR650 has been riding along with me and the "altitude sickness" doesn't appear to affect the Kwakas as much. Maybe something to do with the vacuum type carb on the Transalp - not really sure......

It's okay to re-jet for long term use but I won't be riding at altitude all the time so I need another solution.

I'm going to be heading to higher altitude soon and was thinking of drilling some holes in the airbox (airfilter side) and sticking some rubber grommets in the holes and unplugging them when the bike starts to struggle for air.

Maybe someone on here has another idea or suggestion before I start making holes in the airbox?

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