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Originally Posted by Jeff Munn View Post
Something tells me that his brake light was not needed much. Don't think many people were coming up on them from the rear, with this time and distance average. Methinks they might have had to fill up in Churchville, even with 6 gallon tanks, at that rate.

I'm surprised that tree had any needles left on it when they got home........ Still, it was a ride of manly men, and should be honored as such.


I have to correct the mileage not the time on that report. I looked at my odometer when I got off in Churchville. It read 176 miles but I forgot to take the 22 miles from my place to Ryan's off. So it was actually was 154 in 2 hrs 15 mins & yes gas mileage was not a concern that day.

Good call on the fuel stop tho, we fueled up at exit 220 on 64 then again when we hit Churchville. 5.2 gallons in my needed to fill the GS up for me. Never ran it that low in the 8200 miles, yes that is all the miles I have ran on my GS.I think Ryan is up to 102k, I have a couple more years to get there.

Sorry for the discrepancy everyone. Need to keep me in check on these ride reports, I'm a nOOb ya know eh!!! You hosers!!!
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