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dogs and bike nuts

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1)It is a fear everytime I leave on a trip with my 18 year old and 14 year old dogs at home, hoping they'll make it another year.

2)Wondering if the stock fuel pump can be rebuilt? I guess I could google that shit, but wondering if Victor ever mentioned that???
1) We have always had 2 labs and Rowan, the yellow one has been off her food since we lost Djinn. We'll get another lab pal for her from Northwest Labrador Rescue in the next few weeks ...then she'll maybe wish she was alone again" target="_blank">" border="0" alt="Photobucket"/>

After I posted the pic of Djinn I had the biggest response ever, lots of sympathetic PMs so thanks guys. Yeah..we "bikers" -not a word I like - sure are tough outlaw dudes

2) Rebuild the feckin' pump? I don't think McGyver could re-assemble all the pieces I smashed it into. Grr...but feel free!.!
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