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Originally Posted by Jacl-Kampuchea View Post
I had an Italian fellow drinking in my bar earlier in the year. He was going RTW on a 950 and had changed for a generic Bosch fuel pump when his failed in Russia.

I really can't remember what vehicle it was designed for but he said it worked just fine and was a fraction of the cost of an original item.
I'm reminded of a ride report concerning a F800GS. The rider was stuck ... I think in Africa? ... he used some VW fuel pump, IIRC ... and it worked! Could be several pumps that work or could be adapted, no?

Car fuel pumps, if nothing else, might be more common and Cheaper than one from KTM??

Would it help at all to Strain/Filter your fuel. In Baja (in the old days) we'd use nylon stockings. Back then more fuel came from old, rusty 55 gallon
drums. This helped a lot ... but there you also get a lot of water in fuel too.

Now, in Mexico I use a combo of Sea Foam and Marvel Mystery Oil in fuel. (these are fuel additive/cleaners)
Seems to help ... but Mex fuel is much cleaner nowadays with higher turnover. (more traffic)
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