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Here in So. Cal., a few years back Vespa built a beautiful facility in downtown Long Beach. Geez what could be better than a crammed uban area with a new, fresh scooter shop a block from the beach. Sadly it did not last. I was in there a few times when I thought I would be buying my first scoot. Great shop with tons 'other' goodies for the bike. These are the bread & butter items where the mark up happens, and the conveince of the dealer installing it for you. Now most recently I understand that Vespa in L.A. has closed its doors also. I found this out from the folks at NOHO Scooters when I was in there not too long ago. NOHO was telling me that this really put a strain on their service department. Now, NOHO is out of bsiness also.

I don't know what this says or indicates, but it makes me really leary about buying ANY scooter from ANY shop. You just don't know if they're gunna be there. Honda, Yammy, Suz are looking pretty good right now. I know there dealers close also, but not at the rate of the scooter shop level.

All this being said, I sure want the Kymco 300.
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