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Originally Posted by msgvb View Post
okay, here's an example.

one of my best friends, Kate. she's always hurting herself doing stupid stuff, so she's a little bit clumsy at times, but she's also athletic and coordinated when she's engaged.

she rides pillion with her boyfriend, also a friend of mine, and they love and thoroughly enjoy that riding relationship. he's a great rider, but is reckless at times and has had more than his share of crashes, though none with her on the bike. she wants a bike of her own.

I support her getting a bike because it's what she wants, and she wants to start off reasonably with a Ninja 250 or 300, and I think she can handle it if she approaches it properly. her boyfriend backs her, too. but yeah, I'm concerned for her safety.

what do you think about that situation?
She should look into a school that will teach her the basics and allow for both on and off the bike instruction. From there, riding with an experienced rider(s) that will allow her to feel comfortable going whatever speed she is comfortable with is important. Since she is accustomed to riding with her boyfriend as a pillion, she will have a bit of an advantage over a rider who has no experience at all. The key to all of this is having situation awareness and some common sense. If she's feeling nervous and is feeling uncomfortable with the speed of a particular ride she is on, she needs to be able to slow down and ride her own ride and not feel like she needs to keep up. If she is with a good group leader, they will respect that and accomodate her needs, slow down and let her have an enjoyable experience. I have ridden with many new riders (both men and women) and enjoy this learning experience with them. Since I benefited from many other experienced riders as I was gaining my own experience and riding style as a new rider, I feel it's only right to give back and teach others.

Participating in some additional riding classes will also help benefit her. Depending on where she is located, she should be able to participate in some trackdays where she can learn valuable skills including throttle control, braking skills, countersteering, etc.

I wish her the best!
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