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New Nest

The Egg is now in Patapsco State Park near the site of Gray's Mill Ruins.
39.252576, -76.766494

The Tag.

Directly across the road is this pretty blue building.

Walk to the right side and you'll see the large rock in the center of the photo.

Behind the rock is the camo pouch in a couple of plastic bags.

The hidden shot. The pouch is under the rectangular rock.

Here's the scene if you follow the river in from the north.

This is close to I-70, I-95, and the Baltimore Beltway. It's also close to a lot of Maryland TOR players, so it probably won't be there very long.

I took these from the package. Thanks to whoever put them there.

I added a few of these.

Plus an AMA and a V-Strom Trooper sticker.

On the way to the drop I grabbed the MD tag that was at inmate Dynamick's store in Baltimore. He added a Baltimore Beard & Mustache Club sticker to the NA package.

Happy tagging!
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