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Originally Posted by tricepilot View Post
And if you check your IPad or with your phalanx of personal assistants, they will tell you there are only 2 weeks left in "this year".

Just so you know.

Point taken. I am already on the 2013 oilfield schedule.

I hate to post too much publicly because those things have a way of coming back and haunting a person, especially since i am sure that ED, Evangelical Deborah or Evil Deborah depending on your perspective, reads this thread pretty closely. But I had asked some folks about doing a BBQ and Blues ride from Austin to New Orleans this Spring. Recently my girlfriend started talking about riding down to Texas from Wisconsin in 2 days in order to go riding into Mexico, and she has been talking about doing that in March.

So we shall see. I have been sitting at the same oil well for 3.5 weeks and if i can put in another 2 months or so without committing a felony then I am golden. Let's hope that the work holds because this is traditionally the slack time of the season.

The last time that I went riding it wasn't pretty, and you have to remember that I rode coast to coast in less than 50 hours back in 2002, so this being off the bike and getting (slightly) older is wearing on me.

Anyway ... I hear ya Trice. I have a bucket list that is going into several volumes right now, with Texas riding just being Volume 1. Got a couple of deals that I am working on and the only thing between them, me, and replacing my RV and tools and plenty of bike stuff is cubic money, but I am getting there fast.
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