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Maybe something like this would work, seeing the connection between the two bikes owner.

Originally Posted by Colebatch View Post
Had a fair few questions this year about the oil cooler prototype from Terry Brown that Terry and I were running in Siberia this year ... the round cylindrical thing where the oil filter cap normally lives.

Well the legendary Stephan Scheffelmeier is now set to begin producing a batch, improved and refined from the prototypes we had, to his normal fantasy quality and will kick start the CNC machine for it once there are an initial 20 takers.

In return for being one of the initial 20, he is offering a 20% discount, for a price of 114.24 EUR.

The oil cooler adds a couple hundred ccs to your oil capacity (2.5 litres) and by both increasing oil volume and by proving a finned cooling chamber to reduce the temperature of the oil, the level of protection for the engine is significantly enhanced. One of the few causes of failures on this engine under rallying conditions was losing the main bearings, due to the oil being too hot under extreme conditions and being behind bashplates that cut off any airflow to the bottom of the engine. Increasing the volume also increases the service life of the oil, meaning cleaner, better lubricating oil at any given amount of mileage.

For me personally, fitting some sort of oil cooler has been a goal for several years, both to increase capacity and cool the oil. But there was never an easy or economical way to do it ... until Terry hit upon his simple solution. Rather than 500-600 EUR for an oil radiator,plus plumbing, plus finding some way to tap into the oil circuit twice, this simple easy solution has done exactly what I wanted something to do ... offer both cooling and extra capacity for the oil that is simple to fit and use and is very affordable (much cheaper than I thought it would turn out to be). To get it manufactured with scheffelmeiers quality is the icing on the cake.

So can we have a show of hands .... and when we get to 20 I will tell Stephan to fire up the CNC machine.
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