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Originally Posted by tricepilot View Post
Cheers on that, because "bucket list", "planning" and "hopefully" are fodder for a younger man's vocabulary.

Guys our age can't afford to keep them in our lexicon.

Even if you still feel like you're 25, time has a way of eclipsing the best of intentions.

I did a tremendous amount of riding 10-15 years ago. We joked at the time that I was having my retirement early and might have to work when I got older. Little did I know that my ex- would hire someone to steal my RV and almost all of my personal property at the same time the economy had turned down.

But yeah, I know exactly what you mean. My Facebook page tends to be one motivational poster after another, encouraging folks to take a chance and to live their lives now. That is a formula that has worked extremely well for me this minor topes on the road of life notwithstanding.

My late father was very accomplished. But he planned his whole life around retiring at 62. Sadly, he died suddenly at 59. My grandfather also died suddenly at 59. I am 56 and take that as a Great Galactic Hint to get out, explore, and live.

Just FYI I had a conversation with my mother and discovered that she had a life insurance policy on my carcass since the time I was in my late 30's. She told me that she never thought that I'd live this long and she seemed to be a bit annoyed that she can't collected yet.
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