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Originally Posted by Turkeycreek View Post
We see lots of riders here in Sonora. Northern Mexico in winter can be cold at times with morning lows in the mid to 30s. Som of the border areas are about 5,000 ft and it snows from time to time at those altitudes. .

When I left Nogales in January or February 1999 there was frost on my bike when I went out to pack in the morning.

About a week later I was taking the train to the Copper Canyon from el Fuerte, which isn't too far from where you are at, and there was light snow on the ground.

Not too many years ago I remember a group of inmates that road into Creel just in time to get caught in a snow storm. They were stranded for several days and posted photos of road graders out clearing the snow.

When I did that 1999 trip the infamous Pancho Villa tours (now Moto Discovery) put us up in a former nunnery in Alamos. The rooms were not only rustic but they didn't have any heat either.

I have seen it get uncomfortably cold in the McAllen, TX area in the middle of the winter. Arte and Andres and I went over to the Sierra Madre Brew Co. in Reynosa one year and it was bloody cold in the building, and that's a very nice place but I assume that they don't have heat in the building.

But for anyone reading this who thinks this is all typically Mexican, it's really just typically tropical. I was once in Key West on a record setting cold day (45 or so ). In the Florida Keys few rooms have heat and most of the dining is open to the elements so it can get cold.

Moral of the story - if you are riding in Mexico in January or February then Turkeycreek is 100% correct - bring something like a fleece jacket to keep you warm.
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