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Originally Posted by kellymac530 View Post
I did not mean to suggest a person shouldd ONLY run the recommended weight. There are many mitigating reasons to change viscositys and engine performace is one of them. Lighter weight oil will cause less friction and thus free up more useable HP.

As Sting says, what he uses works for him.

I would be curious though that Sting is recommending 0w-30 semi-syn and that may be a great oil, I like yamalube products, that is specifically a 4 stroke snowmobile engine oil....your GG 280 is a 2 stroke and the oil formulation is different....there are reasons why ALL of the oil companies designate 2t and 4t on their oils.....even though it is all in a gear box.

Besides a snowmobile does NOT have a wet clutch as a motorcycle {most of them anyway} does so that oil would not have the additives needed to help clutch life and performance.

I am sure the feel in his clutch is fine, but that is not the same as GOOD for the clutch.

This is not just coming from reading a manual....40 years of motorcycles, hot rods and parts counter work and even took a WEEK long course on oil the dumb manufacturer called OIL to much.

your acting anal about the subject a little. the factory with std literature used to CYA, states use oil mixed at 50:1, so does whatever the brand/version the oil you add to the fuel in a trials bike. that all is "official" but 99% of it is backed by legal team, not practical use, nor what trials teams or individual riders have shared...

here's 3 facts. in 2001, when I got the 1999 321 (there were more people that had been riding for years, on a website known as "TRIALS ACTION." shared info was to reduce the amount of ATF used in the transmission & clutch area (which are the same in gasgas bikes since at least 93, I have one). everyone was using ATF, instead of 500cc's we all went to 450. this reduced the "dragging clutch" in the older "then coined as the 'TXT' engines" and yeah it worked, also made the clutch grab quicker.

***But again this advice just came from people that were in the "know!" And we were not in a "casual dirtbike" forum, or sub forum, so we all also kind of knew it was TRIALS related info. I would never tell a person who was mending fences with his 321, and also riding like you would a xt350, to do what I do. Not even with gas oil mixes.

The preponderance of the evidence is, we USE and still USE ATF, we ride like we ride trials not pulling a truck up a steep grade behind the trials bikes. We change the oil very often, more often than most any user except maybe MX riders that tear down every race, or drag racers...

Plus, compared to 300 bucks to tear down a bike, if you paid shop rates, $2 quart of oil, I get almost 2 oil changes, that is less than $1 a month, that is friggin cheap insurance.

We've talked about this for 12 years now, 80:1 gas:oil ratio's are universally accepted "trials duty" mix. Some have ridden for years adding only 100:1 gas:oil and above. I can prove to you that 80:1 is god's plenty, as the exhaust is full of oil, throughout. Oil wasted into exhaust is "WASTED" and is a bitch to clean back to anything even close to like new, for performance et all... nuff said.

BUT NOT FOR THE OLDER AIR COOLED BIKEs, {with that I say only maybe}. I have a guy, he's been riding trials longer than I have, has ALWAYS mixed his gas, 120:1, even back in the 70's He's a machinist, he rebuilt more bikes and mods to trials bikes, than you can shake a stick at, he's never had any more wear than I had, nor others whom he was called upon to fix bikes... This is true, even though I was mixing my 70's era bikes at 32:1 in those days... FWIW, The oil not used, filled my exhaust parts, that was the ONLY difference... that and he was never caught abusing (WFO'ing a trials bike down the dirt road or what have you).

I like the properties of Synthetic Oils, so I use 100% in my fuels, with 100% NON ALCOHOL gas. I like to mix race fuel that is something like 116 octane with my pure no alcohol pump gas, at 1 gallon race fuel, with 2 gallons of my regular unleaded gas. it has worked FINE for quite a long damn time.

Anything else you want to assume we're dumb (according to manuals) to have tested and found to be good, widely accepted, for competition trials riders?

There are a $hitload of tricks out there, NOT RECOMMENDED by factory, because for many it would be akin to having a customer adapt a "hold my beer, watch this" attitude... this is kind of how the sport has progressed since 72 when I was too young to fix my own bikes.

I was not trying to sound like an A$$ with my reply, just being factual about this.

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