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Originally Posted by Maggot12 View Post
I own this thing... super light weight and with it's large tires and pointed nose makes it great for towing and tracks great. I have it for sale but if I still have it next spring I may modify it for camping. It's 4x8...

Kewl, and they are still sold. If I was closer I would look you up.

I was looking at the others - the ones that look like a porta-potty on its side, and they are not tall enough for a dirt bike. My dirt bikes are 48" at the handlebars and the trailer is 41" inside (at least at the opening anyway).

I also found this:

Between the need to either haul a trailer or put a bike in the vehicle, and the need for something a little better in the snow than a lightweight AWD version of a 2WD vehicle, I decided I would want either a Toyota compact pickup or a Jeep. I.E., something a bit more heavy duty.

I had six inches of snow when I got up this morning so I took the truck to work instead of the Bimmer. Would have never made it with the car. Driving a 1+ ton flatbed truck was exactly fun, but being a 4x4 it did well in the snow. Problem is that the snow only lasted for two miles until I got to the pavement and then the truck was just a slow old beast.

Need to get something smaller and more of a daily driver. I was hoping that I wouldn't have any snow and then I got it dumped on me. May get more tonight.
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