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So stoked with my pile of tiny Honda parts, and materials for the rebuild!!! A local automotive shop let me use their impact screwdriver to remove the seized Phillips head screws anchoring the stator and failed pulse module, which was my last issue of disassembly. Big thanks to them!

Lapping compound, sheet gasket material, Xacto knife, Hondabond, new piston rings, new cylinder, pulse module, new wrist-pin circlips, new exhaust gasket, new exhaust nuts, new base + head gaskets, new SS fasteners for the stator anchors, and clean gloves, lol!

First thing, I need to verify the fitment of the new cylinder and gaskets. Next, I'll need to start tracing and cutting gaskets for the CCT, and the stator/pump cover. Tomorrow I'll be removing/cleaning the stator, then swapping it and the pulse module into the replacement stator cover with the new fasteners. After that, I'll start the valve lapping process, wash out and dry the head again, reassemble the cylinder head, and maybe if I have time, start stacking parts to work out the squish with the new gaskets, ensuring that everything is stacking up properly.

The valve lapping suction handle thingy is way too big for these tiny valves, so I think I'm going to stick a piece of plastic hose on the end of the valve stem and just spin and pull from the other side, by hand.

I'm still researching 2 things: a) if I'm supposed to apply anything heavier than motor oil to the valve stems/guides when I put the head back together and b) how best to clean, flatten, and prep the gasket mating surface on the head...

Lastly, what say you all about re-using the original cylinder? I don't have a bore gauge, so I'm not sure on its exact ID at the moment, but I'm tempted to keep this brand new cylinder as a spare, and re-sell it whenever I sell the scooter. It has 19,000 miles on it, and looks to be in pretty good shape.
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