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That is an interesting does the kid go from AFCC twice to missing twice? They should have won that game last night. Yes he made mistakes. Some were contributory, some all his. It was the ugliest game I have seen this year. I thought Rex, while being effervescent, was a pretty good hand at the coaching game. Is it Sparano? He has won the big deal in his current position. He did fair to munificent with a Miami team that was about half as talented as this Jets team. Is it all the defensive injuries? That has not been insignificant. I like Mangini....I think he has learned a lot. I think the Browns would be way ahead of where they are if he was still there and Holmgren wasn't. Those players had really started to respond to him at the end of his tenure in Cleveland. He plays solid, hard football. Learned what not to do in NY. Would they give him a second chance? Doubt it...but it would be a good fit. Cowher would not put up with the NY media crap...there would be a meltdown somewhere there. Can Gruden, turn the corner with this talent? I think he could, does he want to? I know there is talk that he won with Dungy's team...But that is crap. Dungy could not win with them and it took him a long time to win with Peyton. Not that I dislike Dungy, but facts is facts. Gruden took that squad right to the big house. He might be the guy for the Jets. Rex is going to have to DC somewhere to get the cred back and then take another stab at this. I know Tannenbaum deserves some blame here too, probably alot. But there is a lot of talent on that Jets squad to suck as bad as they did last night. Even with the injuries; they were playing the Titans! The only one who can be pointedly blamed for that is the HC. The other kid is not going to play any better than Sanchez in a full game. I'll say it again, Shonn Greene would be hammering the rock on almost any other team, all day long. It is a shame they do not take advantage of him.
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