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Personally, I wouldn't ride the Husaberg up there, it's a long ways and there's only 1 or 2 roads you can take to get there and they are all paved (minus construction). I rode to the Arctic Circle in the Yukon a few years back and found very few places to get off the beaten path, let alone on a lightweight ADV bike compared to the lower 48 IMHO. 1 paved road a thousand miles...
I'm not a local though and that's why should ask them if your determined to ride the Husa way up north.

As for desolate country and good trails, the Tour of Idaho takes you through the Lo Lo motorway and is the most remote, continuous National Forest land in the lower 48, connect that ride with the Continental Divide Trail and you have some of the best of the best scenic riding in NA, IMHO of course.
Then there's the Oregon or the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route and the Trans America Trail too... Or just pick any state west of the rockies and wander with the best plan of them all for solo riding - no plan. Lots of tracks on and a few on my website too.

I would suggest posting these questions in either Trip Planning forum, or in the correct Regional forums, you should get a wider audience there.
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