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Originally Posted by ferretface View Post
I'm currently riding at around 2500-3000m and have noticed the lack of power (even worse when running high octane fuel) and I was wondered if anyone has tried any quick fixes to make it run better without messing around with re-jetting?

I had always heard the CV's weren't as finicky as normal carbs but I've never
been above 7000 feet to know the difference. Has the slide ever been drilled? Some people drill the slides with a slightly larger hole to aide in throttle response and performance. I wonder if too big of a hole may have been drilled that would cause the slide to not have enough vaccume to raise it?

From what I understood is Octane resists predetonation and helps high compression motors run cooler. So, I took some premium gas, 93 and a can of 87. Rode the XR with the cheap stuff, drained it and put in the good stuff then back to the cheap stuff. The bike ran better on the cheap stuff. If it had been a high compression motor, it could damage it but the XR and my '89 TA are far from that.

If it weren't such a pain to drain the TA tank, I'd try it on that bike too.

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