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Originally Posted by cheesebot View Post
I just picked up this over the weekend:

I've lusted after one of these for the last 20 years or so for some reason. Sure, I'd prefer if it were a 4wd (and less rusty) but it'll allow me to learn more about these spaceships while I spend some time looking for the ideal specimen. And when I find it I can either sell this one off to my surfer/stoner little brother or use it for parts.

This is the newest car I've ever owned...
I had an '87 4x4 5 speed; one of the best vehicles I ever owned, until I bought the Delica.
The only thing to watch for on those is overheating and the head warping or head gasket going. Probably due to the lack of air flow with the engine placement. Make sure the thermostat's good and keep the rad free of sand and dirt
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