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Originally Posted by stromsurfer View Post
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1) The bike is currently lowered. Three inch links, forks raised in the trees, and a low seat. Should I raise it back to standard height? Will it make any difference? Handling, steering, comfort?
2)I changed fork oil last Spring. Would heavier fork oil make a difference? Maybe different springs? Can't afford leading links and want to be able to change it back to a solo bike down the road when I am done if no one wants it as a hack.
3) It's time to change out worn sprockets and chain. Any suggestions on gearing changes? Is the stock chain heavy duty enough? Most of my riding will be secondary roads and gravel so it's not like I'm going across Mongolia.
4) Just installed new tires this Fall so will probably stick with them. Keep PSI the same?
5) Anyone else hacked a F650GS? I know Jay has but just wondering if anyone else has, advise, thoughts???
(1) Keep it lowered. Keeps your center of gravity down for cornering, and makes on/offs and duck walking easier. Since you're not going to be going into the boonies on it, you won't need the added ground clearance.

(2) I'd leave the springs as is until you find out how the rig handles. Remember that heavier oil makes for slower compression damping, but also slower rebound damping. On a lightweight rig, the Dakar forks are fairly robust (for offroading) so my guess is they'll do just fine for you.

(3) The 520 chain is fine. You won't break it. On the sprockets, I've never heard a sidecar guy complain after gearing down. I'd probably try a 47/15 combination.

(4) PSI is all personal preference. Since the outfit does not lean, inflation is not as critical as on a two-wheeler. I personally like to run my front tire a little soft to get better cornering (bigger contact patch) but keep the rear tire hard to protect the rim.

(5) Found these online--

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