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Thanks for well wishes guys.

Stress levels are beginning to rise at this point. Team Boss has gone to Mozambique for Christmas, which possibly means he will be out of contact. David is still trying to plant crops, but is busy dragging tyres around in the mud for training. Scared the wits out of me when I got a message that he had dropped the bike in the rocks and whacked his knee. Lucky he is a tough dude so no whimpering just bruising but I went into Mommy mode and had a panic fit.

New issue to stress about - all our tyres did not make it onto the ship. Now we are harrassing our poor sponsor to take them to Jhb International airport and get them to Lima someway or somehow. At this point, we are pretty freaked out. David did ask me to take a few mousses as hand luggage/excess baggage or wear a long skirt and hide them under that

Does anyone know of any tyre dealers in Lima where we can buy for the bike along with mousses please in case this lot don't get them there in time.

As a complete rookie - will the tyre companies have a truck there where I can go and get if and when and during the rally or book or 14 tyres and mousses in advance. Your help is appreciated. One of you guys did contact me earlier but at that stage I thought all was in order - should not have been so smug!!
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