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We see lots of riders here in Sonora. Northern Mexico in winter can be cold at times with morning lows in the mid to 30s. Som of the border areas are about 5,000 ft and it snows from time to time at those altitudes. La Rumorosa in Baja gets snow and it can be pretty cold in the mountains. We got snowed on in March 2010 on Mex5 between La Trinidad and Ensenada up high.

Take a sleeping bag even if you are staying in hotels. Many hotels have no heaters (ours does ) and many have only thin blankets. You will be happy to have it if it cools down. Pack your heated vest and winter gloves and hope you never use them. Once you get closer to Baja Califonia Sur, things will warm up.

Just get on the bike and come down.

Heading to Mexico and on to Panama Feb. 2. Will be staying in hotels and this is good info to know.
Looks like I will bring the sleeping bag. Now to decide heavy or light. I'm leaving from Truckee so will be wearing warn gear. Anyone know of a good cheep hotel in Hermosillo or vicinity? This will most likley be our first stop. Will be crossing at Sonoyto can I get tourist card there?

Scary to hear about those poor ladys, it does make you think.

Another question. What is the deal with knives? Can you have one in your tank bag or another place on the bike? Not looking for defense but more for utility.
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