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Originally Posted by Thanantos View Post
Wow! How in ALL my searching did I miss this app? It seems like just what I need.
well, I don't know.. I guess I'm not doing a good job of getting the word out? .. lol ...
Originally Posted by Thanantos View Post
However, I have some questions.
I'm planning a trip to the SE (Blue Ridge Parkway, Tail, Cherohala, etc.) for next summer and I want to plan my route ahead of time.
Can I have offline maps
Yes.. you can download (cache) almost the entire Smoky Mountain Park in one map.. you can add as many more maps as you like.
Originally Posted by Thanantos View Post
.. can I have satellite images along with offline turn by turn directions
no.. you can't yet pre load Satellite images or spoken "turn by turn" directions.. that is a Google Map limitation at this time. The "turn by turn" is calculated by their "super" servers mostly on the fly...
But, you can pre load the written turn by turn the directions but the app won't speak to you as you ride unless you have a signal when you start.

BUT... what you can do is plan your routes on line using Google Maps and then save them to "My Places"..
then they are automatically available on your phone in the LAYERS-MY MAPS.
If you do that, you dont' hear turn by turn directions but you do get to see the map/route you preplanned and your current position is always shown on the map.. so you just follow along.
.. that works even without signal. (very often up there)
.. but but.. if you are lucky enough to have signal, you can preload waypoints using the EMFB DESTINATIIONS (stores 50) and then just tap for the next one as you ride..
.. that's how I do it.. I have my preplanned map on the screen and I can hear turn by turn directions in the helmet from the NAVI part of Google MAPS..

another easy way to do it is save (star) locations on GM.. I usually "star" the start and end point..
.. then, IF you have signal, you can just tap the start point to get there and then tap the end point to run your route.

EMFB will watch the weather for you and provide NOAA ALERTS as they are issued.
EMFB knows where you are and will display your current location in the middle of the four best NexRad sites..
.. you'll always have the best real time animated NexRad and it follows you automatically as you ride.
also, for safty and fun .. be sure to turn on DND (do not disturb).. that will intercept all incoming SMS messages an respond with "I'm out riding and will get back to you as soon as it's safe to do so"..
... and and if you give them your secret access code, EMFB will respond with your current address and LAT LON.. they tap on that and get a google map of where you are... might come in very handy if you go off the road...or just fun for them if all is going well.

You can also send old fashion "Rand McNally Atlas" styled maps with your location as an ePostCard to show people where you are.

It's really easy to draw your maps ahead of time...
here is one of mine:

.. here is another good one off the beaten path..
.. from on line Google Maps, just save those to your "MY PLACES" and then they'll also automatically be on your phone too.

One word of caution.. that place is REALLY addictive! .. lol ..
I went up last spring for two weeks thinking that would be enough... not.. I went back for 3 months in the fall... not..
Now I've got a place rented for two more months next spring.

I can probably find some more of my routes if you're interested.

hope that helps.. let me know if you need more info..


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